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  1. This is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I have three dogs as well, and it is fascinating to note the different reactions each one has to my different states of emotion. It’s interesting, because all this “calm assertive” stuff you hear from Cesar and now, it seems, the whole nation, is really wrong to me, because my dogs always respond best to me when I fully express my emotions. Being calm and assertive for me is always about holding back, and trying to control emotion, when really, we should just let it flow, because dogs can tell when you’re faking it anyway. Faking calm-assertive is not being true to yourself. And your dogs can sniff that out instantly!

    1. Oh Leah – ABSOLUTELY – I totally agree with you! The dogs can feel the real you, there is no escape! and thats what we really can learn from them – there is no escape and there is no need for escape from our true emotions – its only fear that makes us think we need to hide them – and a whole process of growing up and trying to ‘be’ in the world! Thankyou for taking the time to read my post and giving your comments 🙂

  2. Thank you for a lovely stroy,my Kimmy was a rescue dog, and when i got her was very very scared ,frighten little dog,but for some reason unlike any other dog i have and i have 2 others, she has just worked her way into my heart like no other dog has, but funny when we are at doggie school and i might be tried, she i swear knows,dosnt want to do anything at all, and thats ok,but when i am happy and with it, she never puts a foot wrong,and yep she just has something about her,


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