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Hounds Connect the Dots

This article was first published in the 2020 Spring/Summer edition of ‘Counselling for Scotland’, the COSCA (counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland) journal. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of COSCA, slightly editted to suit internet publication. A full copy of the journal, including the original article, can be obtained from COSCA Self-Mastery “Mastering…

My dog as my therapist | Published Articles

If only he could talk….Feature article from Psychologies Magazine

A new theory suggests that a dog’s behaviour reflects its owner’s emotional state.  Editor-in-Chief Suzy Walker tries to decode pet Oscar’s conduct to learn more about herself. Oscar, my cute cocker spaniel is barking and scratching to be let into my boss’ office, where I’m having a meeting. I am very lucky that the company…

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