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  1. Lovely article! I really enjoyed reading it. I think you’re quite right about the imbalance between muscular/ feminine energies and for me the important thing is to be aware and increase the communication between the two sides of myself. In terms of dominant cultural value systems it’s easy to feel you’re doing the wrong thing and should be pushing harder, earning more money etc. I often find myself ready to judge my ‘achievements’ in these terms, and fall short, but when I look at things from a wider point of view – including who have I helped and provided for?, what have I done for my health?, how have I grown creatively – I can see what I’ve really achieved. Love how your work with Jack has forced you to reevaluate these things. And very brave for going out of your original comfort zone to explore all these things (luckily there’s not such a thing as dancing with cats – I think – so I won’t be putting myself out there!).

    1. Thank you Claire for your considered reply and sharing your self in it 🙂 And I don’t know, you could always pioneer ‘dancing with cats’ and start a whole new enquiry!

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