About Us

Learning by living with dogs

What’s It All About?

Hounds Connect is a therapy business that offers a unique counselling service for people with dogs. I started the business in 2013 and am based in Scotland, in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, but work with people across the world.

I experienced difficulties with my own dogs and spent a lot of time trying to get a better relationship with them. My ‘journey’ led me to understand how important our own thoughts and feelings are to the behaviour we see in our dogs. I also learnt that it can be lonely and difficult to identify issues without some help. So I set up counselling for dog people where you can talk about anything that is troubling you.

The hounds
Hounds connect logo in brown

Our Brand

Hounds taught me that a true connection is through the heart. That’s why the business is called Hounds Connect and why a heart features in our logo.

Our End of the Lead

Our Dream

Each and every one of us has an important role to play in the world and we make the strongest impact when we live authentically.

At Hounds Connect I want to contribute to developing a more harmonious world view. In that world, when we experience problems with our dogs, it will become natural to think about our end of the lead. We will allow ourselves to ask, ‘What is going on for me?’ and listen to the answers. It can be a more challenging approach but the rewards are great. Over time we will be able live more honestly and be true to ourselves. It won’t just be our dogs that benefit – but we will have them to thank.