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  1. That’s extremely fascinating. Perhaps the new quantum effects being discovered in the sense of smell have some bearing here. When you are ambivalent as Lee pointed out, that charge might have a quantum vibration imparted onto the object you’ve focused on. The dog can feel that particular vibration by way of smell. At any rate, great sleuthing, it never ceases to amaze me what dogs can teach us.

  2. Wow, thank you Joanne that is really fascinating!

    As a puppy the only thing my Charlie ever chewed was the phone jack in the wall which he destroyed 5 times before I blocked his access to it.

    I definitely have strong emotions of both positive and negative towards the phone when it rings. How extraordinary that Charlie would pick this up!

  3. Thanks, this is really super. My dog loves wood, especially the stuff by the stream but she also likes wood that is used in gardens. I figure it is bone time. N

  4. Thanks Kevin! I am also starting to wonder if our description of a dogs ‘sense of smell’ is much more than smell and its more of an ‘energetic’ sense (which I think is what you’re saying). I also think that hounds might be more open to this than other breeds (just a theory/feeling 🙂 )

  5. Hi Jenny, thanks for sharing your experience with Charlie. I have found that now that I am looking at the behaviour as a response to what is going on for me (or for other members of the family) I am really having my eyes opened! Its great fun!

  6. I’m so glad you wrote about this! When I first started my journey into NDT, my gsd chewed first Kevin’s ‘your dog is your mirror’ and then Neil Sattin’s DVD set the very day I bought it. I had to laugh at my wild child’s apparent refusal to be trained but did always wonder what the real reason was. I suppose at that point (and even now to a lesser extent) I was stuck somewhere in the limbo of excitement at finally finding a path that resonated with me, and frustration because I couldn’t quite get my head around bits of it, and probably some fear of the unknown and what would come out of the can of worms I was opening. I will certainly pay attention to what she chews from now on 🙂

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