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  1. Jo ,nice write up ,it will be very interesting to see how things progress,
    i often wonder why we put ourselves through these type of situations with dogs,if not as the ultimate challenge, although maybe something else going on on a deeper level,anyway,
    all the best with it,,john

    1. Hi John – thankyou for your kind words. I agree with the idea that its something deeper going on – I subscribe to the idea that your dogs are here to remind you what you have forgotten along the way in the growing up process :-). Being drawn to having 3 dogs, I think I must have forgotten a lot!

  2. You are a woman after my own heart. I have a trailhound who is characterful & brilliantly behaved in the home, listens, responds. She is admired & loved by many. However out in the field she wants to do what she was built to do – run and feel the wind through her ears! She loves life & everyone but is SO independent and remote from me on walks. Yes she comes back but very much in her own time. The wet appears to be worse & this season there have been times where I have felt positively despondant. You cannot keep these gloriously beautiful creatures on the lead yet mastering recall has been so tough and I’m certainly not there yet! . I believe my lesson is patience – but sometime the ‘humilation’ and total lack of understanding from other dog owners of breed traits gets me down. It’s so heartening to read of your experience so thank you for posting it. I’m going to keep the faith & hold on to hope that in time with age and persistance it’ll improve.

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