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What’s at the root of your overwhelm?

Overwhelm – how it can creep up on us Reading the latest Psychologies Magazine (December 2018), I was drawn to the self-analysis quiz – ‘What’s the Root Cause of your Overwhelm?’  Answering the multiple choice questions I found I scored highest on ‘Perfectionism’. Reading through the other 3 categories I could just have easily identified…

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Mental Health Awareness Week and our dogs

Mental Health Awareness Week This week, in the UK, is Mental Health Awareness week. According to the Mental Health Foundation the week is about about raising awareness of mental health and mental health problems and inspiring action to promote the message of good mental health for all. This year the focus for the week is…


Understanding Feelings

 I’ve been trying to write more about my therapeutic principles and I am finding it challenging.  Which is good, but because that makes me WORK .  I have been trying to explain to people in conversation, and in my writing, how we store up feelings in our body, how it is  stuck energy, and our dogs…


…..everything is connected to everything else

“Learn how to see.  Realize that everything connects to everything else”Leonardo Da VinciYesterday, in London, UK, there was an anti-BSL peaceful protest being held.  BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. The picture below was from the twitter feed publicising the event

My dog as my therapist

Trust Your Dog

Trust your dog. In response to my last couple of posts, ‘why does a dog retrieve what it retrieves?’ and  ‘your emotions your dog’ some people have commented on my openness in discussing my personal situations and associated feelings . These comments got me wondering. Why was I sharing these stories, to anyone that cared to…

My dog as my therapist

Your emotions your dog

  Your emotions your dog Your emotions, your dog – what do I mean? The work I am doing with my dogs is all about observing their behaviour and tuning into my feelings and emotions at the time.  From that I try to understand how the two things might be connected.  This helps me build…

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