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  1. Hi Joanne — this is a really interesting post — I really respect the vulnerability involved in sharing the post as well as the message about vulnerability expressed in the story — and I LOVE that picture of your dog!

    1. Thankyou Alwynne 🙂 I reckon the more we share the more we will learn 🙂 And thanks for the comment about the picture – the bottom one is mine (I’m learning) and the top one was done by a friend ( who’s teaching me!

  2. My female has started doing this. She began after her spinal surgery so I thought at first it was muscle spasms. But they aren’t, the are more and more frequent. She will walk up to or around me and face me with her behind humping. I’ve never scolded her for it because I always thought of it as natural dog behavior that perhaps they themselves don’t quite understand, and she always had an air of confusion. Over time I have noticed how emotionally charged she is during these humping moments. As my life has become more hectic, more dramatic at work, more drama in my social life that I have chosen to cut off from (and yet remain unresolved), her humping has increased in frequency and intensity. Recently she climbed up my leg and grasped it to hump and I was very surprised. I calmly removed her from my body and thought not much of it at the moment but it has been plaguing me. I never thought to connect that event with my own emotions.

  3. Melissa that is really interesting. The way I see it is they are trying to get energy moving, ours or theirs. My lab is the only one that humps me and sometimes he does it after he has been playing with the hounds. When he does it then I wonder if it’s him trying to release stuck energy that he wasn’t able to give to the hounds – I take it as a mark of trust in me that he is able to do it!

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