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    1. Thankyou Sweet – you know sometimes everything you learn about seems to join up with everying else and make so much sense ….. and then other times,,,brick walls?! 🙂

  1. When you find the answer to counter surfing let me know !!! Millie is a horror at it 🙂 question is this – how to figure out via NDT because normally would say ‘no’ or ‘bad’

    1. Hi Nicola, my plan is to use something that will enable them to teach themselves – like a spray collar or an electric collar next to some enticing food – and to set it off when he investigates without him knowing it’s due to me, in the same way Kevin talks about teaching heelwork in his book. Don’t know if it will work – Archie (labarador) seems pretty greedy! I haven’t done it yet because I am pathetic at inflicting any sort of discomfort – except on myself 🙂

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