1. I love your blogs. They are so insightful and enlightening. What a journey you are on! I miss hearing it all first hand, but thanks to the blog I still feel part of it. I have only one point – be kinder to yourself! Take care and love to you, the family and the dogs. Claire

  2. Wow! Really loving your blogs Joanne. They are so honest – and enlightening. I know all your readers will get so much from them. I know I have!
    Reading about our first meeting all those years ago, it reminds me just how far you have come. Be proud of yourself – as I am of you.
    Just LOVE your pictures. The one of you on your header is beautiful. It really captures the essence of your inner and outer beauty. Grogeous…..

  3. Hi Joanne,

    I am part of a film production company and we will be filming in Loch Lomond on Tuesday 27th March. We are looking for a dog to be a part of the film who can bark and snarl on command. I came across your website and thought you might be able to help, or put me in touch with someone who can. The breed of the dog is not important, only that it can bark and snarl.

    If you can help, or you know of anyone else who can, I would love to hear from you. Please give me an email on hayleigh.roberts@gmail.com

    Many thanks

    Production Assistant

  4. Hi Joanne, I have a Hamiltonstovare too, called Abe. He is a rescue dog from Spain. We too have lots of recall issues like you do with Jack but and i think i just have to accept that and be very mindful of where we let him off the lead. If we’re in any doubt of him coming into contact with a road or with livestock we have to keep him on the flexilead. We’re lucky enough to live by a beach so we can let him off there and he disappears within seconds of being let off. I have to ply him with treats beforehand to remind him that i’m the nice lady but he just wants to run and find other dogs to play with. He was in an open shelter with other dogs and then in a foster home for 2 months with 3 other dogs and now he’s the only dog that we have (he’s scared our cat off!) so i think sometimes he feels lonely and misses the company of other dogs. I’ll be interested to carry on reading your blogs and see how you get on with Jack. It’s a shame we are so far away from you at the other end of the country!

    Thanks, Justine (and Abe)

    1. Hi Justine, thankyou for your support-) I can so relate to your experiences! I would love to walk along the beach with you and the dogs – maybe one day! Jack has slowed down a bit with age (but not much!). I think the main lesson for me so far has been ‘acceptance of what is’. My experiences with Jack also gave me the foundation of my therapy idea that our dogs are here to help us in our personal growth and any ‘problems’ that we have with them are really great opportunities for our own personal development and transformation. that is their ‘purpose’ 🙂

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