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  1. thanks for being so honest..It is very hard stuff and our dogs do hold us and the other in high regard it seems in there own way and even in there cautious way. I have watched how slowly my dog had extended her self to the man I have been dating and careful about his asthma and yet wanting to be loving and close. She is not at all easy with a huge prey drive but a huge heart in my view and a great, as Sang would say, snarky side that makes me laug. It is pretty wild to watch the interplay and it has made me see how I hold myself in all of this as well; my life, my dog and loving another, and letting them all matter rather then just either/or.

    I think dogs can be like step kids and can be as challenging for a new partner or friendship and there is letting the other into the situation. Letting them be who they are and let the dog negotiate that on their terms is incredible work, so there has been alot to learn and most of it not super easy.

    I admire your courage and your love in the letting go. The opening, I am sure, is leading you to an even fuller place within loving another and always as well in terms of loving this funny non-self as they can say in Zen..the full and empty of it. Much love and beauty in the weeks to come. Nanda

    You write very well and I continue to benefit from your words. I am not much of a blogger but I do touch in now and then..honored to know you all in bits.

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