My dog as my therapist

Your Dog and Your Emotions

 ‘…….our dog is our canary in the mineshaft of emotion.’                                                                            from Kevin Behan, Your Dog Is Your MirrorI first started to notice the effect of my emotions on my dogs with my hamiltonstovare, Jack.  It started when I was driving. I used to be quite nervous when I was overtaking.   Jack would be curled up on the…

My dog as my therapist

Your dog as your guide

Over the last few months I have been going very much with the flow, as far as the dogs are concerned, but also with life.  I want to start a new business around people and their dogs, using the concept of your dog as  your guide, starting with my learning’s as the material.  There is a…


Hounds are intelligent, Hamiltonstovare unblocks drain

Hounds are intelligent.  Lately I have had the opportunity to spend more time with the dogs, getting to know them better as individuals.  With my knowledge about Natural Dog Training I have been particularily keen to stay aware of my emotions in the interactions, to get a better understanding of how we are influencing each other. …

Natural Dog Training Experiences

Jack, recall and me

“It doesn’t matter to a dog what its owner says, does, or thinks; all that matters is what happens to the owner internally on the deepest level of emotion ……….Kevin Behan’s, ‘Your Dog is Your Mirror’ I have had Jack from a puppy and through all 5 years of his life I have been struggling…


Rethink on the hounds’ training

Logan taking for the hillsWell, I was making great progress with NDT and wanted to tell everyone about it.  Then losing each of the hounds in the space of a week stopped me in my tracks.  I’ve always thought it was extremely important to share experiences with other people, including ‘lessons learned’.  I am constantly…

Natural Dog Training Experiences

Pushing for Food

Well I read the books and watched the DVDs – I’ve never been a great one for jumping into action – I prefer the couch and a cup ot tea, to let me think about it for a while! Neil Sattin’s DVDs provide a straight forward way of following Kevin’s approach, offering simple techniques for…

Hounds | Natural Dog Training

Hounds and Recall

I first started getting interested in dog training 5 years ago when I brought home two hamiltonstovare puppies (Jack & Ben). I was particularly drawn to hounds despite (or maybe because?) of their independent nature. I had been warned by the breeder that the hamiltonstovare was a strong hunter and couldn’t be relied on off…

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