My dog as my therapist

Your Dog and Your Emotions

 ‘…….our dog is our canary in the mineshaft of emotion.’                                                                            from Kevin Behan, Your Dog Is Your MirrorI first started to notice the effect of my emotions on my dogs with my hamiltonstovare, Jack.  It started when I was driving. I used to be quite nervous when I was overtaking.   Jack would be curled up on the…

Natural Dog Training Experiences

A dog can’t remember yet it never forgets

“The difference between a mental and physical memory is that while the mental memory is remembered, often erronoeously, physical memory is relived, and the body  is never wrong about the past……. …a dog can’t remember yet it never forgets”  ….’Your Dog is Your Mirror’,  Kevin Behan I have  to admit that I struggled to understand this concept when…

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