Bereavement | Hounds | My dog as my therapist

Logan’s Death

It is now 2 ½  months since Logan’s death and it has given me some time to think about it more deeply.  We all go through loss in our lives and I think most of us find it difficult.  I wanted to share my experiences, like so many before me.  It helps me and it might connect…

Natural Dog Training Experiences

Jack, recall and me

“It doesn’t matter to a dog what its owner says, does, or thinks; all that matters is what happens to the owner internally on the deepest level of emotion ……….Kevin Behan’s, ‘Your Dog is Your Mirror’ I have had Jack from a puppy and through all 5 years of his life I have been struggling…

Hounds | Natural Dog Training

Hounds and Recall

I first started getting interested in dog training 5 years ago when I brought home two hamiltonstovare puppies (Jack & Ben). I was particularly drawn to hounds despite (or maybe because?) of their independent nature. I had been warned by the breeder that the hamiltonstovare was a strong hunter and couldn’t be relied on off…

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