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  1. I had a dog that did everything perfect,Dancer and I have a dog that does everything that is not Lupine..she pees and kicks up the lawn where she pees in some dust busting excitement of her act, chases cars,dogs, cats, ups (if she had access)”anything that is not her” a trainer once said..the other dog trained her as much as he could growing up. I am eternally grateful to Dancer dog but my wild dog gave the other dog a new lease on life and a friendship he loved til he died. I have learned to laugh at being embarrassed as my dog Lupine’s antics meet the world’s oh my dear looks and also understanding in other owner’s of dogs eyes, and I have also seen the wisdom in her sudden actions. I cannot tell you the judgements I have been given by people watching my dog look like Old Yeller on Rabies or Grizzly Adams but some of that same response yielding her taking on a bear that was right in front of me on the trail and stood up(literally) to it, and another time took us down a trail on her belly when winds came up suddenly and we were blinded by the weeds cutting our faces thick with seeds flying. I have understood just some of she and I but have seen her range and oddness mirror my own, and seen it mirror my own spirit and certainly heart. I loved Dancer dog and I love Lupine as they are and often laugh. The way she reacts is a challenged, and hard to find where to be in a urban reality, where to walk and how much vigilance that is required but slowly I get things . I know most of all Iwant to be on this journey with her and myself not romantically but some kind of gift of loving for itself, witnessing my reactions, my conditioning, Lupine at times a tough teacher that did not let me get off with the ease of Buddha nature dog Dancer, like the finishing touches of existence in dog packaging and a huge gift. Judgements come and they go and so will my dog, myself and yet unresolved emotion is what moves life forward as Kevin said in his book. I do not grasp it very fast or without alot of tripping over myself but there Lupine is, for now, in my rear view mirror with this look of here we are.

    1. Oh Nanda, what a lovely account of your experience with Lupine – gives me goosebumps reading it 🙂 I don’t grasp it very fast either, except to know it is all for a reason. Thankyou for sharing 🙂

  2. I’m guilty of judging dog owners but over the past few years it’s gotten a lot better. I adopted a reactive dog that also has a bad resource guarding problem and it changed my opinion. I’m not so quick to judge anymore. She’s taught me a lot about myself, I’ve learned to improvise better. I have to think ahead and plan things out. It’s weird but it’s pretty calming. She is doing much better as well. We just keep it positive and realize what the boundaries are. I know her problems are mostly fear based, and I love seeing her make progress, it makes me proud. I feel a lot closer to her than I have with previous dogs because all of the training we’ve done together.

    I get so frustrated when people make bad comments about her behavior, like you I’m looking for assistance; I don’t need to feel any worse about it.

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s a beautiful post.

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for sharing your experiences – it seems to be the ‘difficult’ situations that give us the greatest learning, if we are up for embracing it. I agree with you – acceptance of what is rather than judgement helps enormously! Love as well by the way 🙂

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