Archie gets me to pause for breath


People that know me well will say that 'pooh' seems to be a favourite subject of mine. I will expound the virtues of feeding raw to my dogs over kibble by describing the remarkable difference it makes to their poohs. I let my dogs eat horse pooh, because I read somewhere it was full of healthy bacteria and therefore good for their digestion. I'm comfortable talking about pooh. Somebody recently told me it was better than 'talking pooh', which made me feel valued (well you have to take it where you can find it!).

I didn't think I would have a story about Natural Dog Training and pooh – but I have and here it is.

 The other day I was rushing about trying to get things done – I had to walk Archie, do some training (pushing for food), get to the garage to get a tyre changed, go to the police station to report my lost iphone (the latter two in that order so I didn't get in trouble with my bald tyre), get my lunch and get other stuff done that afternoon. I had to avoid the friendly man in the park walking his dog as he always throws sticks for Archie and treats him. (I don't want him to but I don't like to tell him not to, so I get round it by running in the other direction....!)

 In the middle of all this I found myself driving along and Archie was in the van whining that he needed out for a pooh – in all our excitement we (he) had forgotten one of the important objectives of being out and about.

So I pulled over onto an open grassy area where he could relieve himself. Well he sniffed every blade of grass, bit of rubbish, fence post, once and then some more, for what seemed like ages, but no squatting for a pooh. I was getting more and more impatient. I started to wonder if letting him off the lead was needed, but couldn't see where I could safely do it away from the traffic. Time was running out and I was sure that he was going nuts in the car because he needed to go. 'For goodness sake Archie, if you need to go, just do it!'

Then I got a glimpse of myself. Actually I wasn't in that big a rush. The garage hadn't given me a specific time, I didn't have to get to the police station that day, I could take a breather. In the same moment I realised, 'if Archie is mirroring my emotion there is NO WAY he would be able to relieve himself – my stomach was all knotted up'.  As soon as that thought came to me, I relaxed and the knot released, and....you guessed it, in that moment, he squatted down to do his business. I swear that is the truth!

The next time I will video it – you'll just have to take my word for the ''what I am thinking part”.

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