Anubis Therapy Pioneer

Problems of Being a Pioneer

I am pioneering a new approach for self-development.  With Anubis Therapy I am working with our relationship with our dogs.

When you work with me I provide a safe space for you to discuss the problems, feelings, concerns that you have about your dog, or dogs. My approach can lead to insights that are helpful to us with our dog. It can also help in other areas of our lives.

I am a certificate member of COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland) . I follow their guidance and policies. So anything you share with me will not be shared with anyone else. Even your identity as a client of mine is confidential. I consider this important and necessary for the best therapeutic outcome.

Psychologies Magazine

Labrador with copy of Psychologies MagazineI love how we can learn so much about ourselves from our dogs.  I wish more people were aware of how helpful it can be.  But I don’t market the benefits of Anubis Therapy by providing real-life client examples.

I share my personal experiences in my blog. You can read my guidelines on what to consider with your dog , in self-help for dog-owners. I share other people's work that has inspired me (like Your Dog is Your Mirror by Kevin Behan ).   I talk about the concepts, the theories.  But then I get tongue-tied and don’t feel I’m making sense!

So I was really excited when Suzi Walker, the Editor of Psychologies Magazine, invited me to give her a session with Oliver, her spaniel.  She has written a feature about her experience of Anubis Therapy.  It is appearing in next month’s magazine,  which is in the shops from 19th February, 2019.  Don’t forget to get your copy next week!


Calling for Volunteers

Also, in the next few months I am launching a small research project to support the evidence base of my practice.  To do this I am looking for 5 volunteers. My project is specifically looking at the benefits of Anubis Therapy in face-to-face sessions. I will work with the client and their dog in our therapy room, for up to six counselling sessions. As well as the general benefit to the client, I am interested in collecting evidence of our dogs’ behaviour in the session, and what that can show us.  I will publish findings, but keep identities anonymous.

If you are curious about what your dog can teach you and are interested in being part of the research for a ground-breaking therapy, please contact me, either call me on my mobile 07796 338584, land-line 01360660474 or by email

Also, if the volunteer option doesn't interest you, or you are too far away to be involved, I am still doing regular sessions, in Drymen, over the phone, or Skype.


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