Hounds are intelligent, Hamiltonstovare unblocks drain

Hounds are intelligent.  Lately I have had the opportunity to spend more time with the dogs, getting to know them better as individuals.  With my knowledge about Natural Dog Training I have been particularily keen to stay aware of my emotions in the interactions, to get a better understanding of how we are influencing each other.  This is leading to some great experiences with them and this post is about some insight into one of my hounds.

People often suggest hounds aren't very bright, that they are difficult to train and their intelligence is less than other breeds, like labradors or collies.  Well today my hamiltonstovare, Jack, brightened up my day, by showing me how he could solve problems for me without me even asking. 

Jack and I  were standing inches deep in water, in the yard.  He was watching me trying to brush leaves away from the drain to prevent us getting flooded with all the rain we've been having.  My progress with the yard brush was slow and he started to join in, digging with his big paws.  It wasn't long before we heard that familiar gurgling sound  as he got the water flowing through the drain again. Nice one, Jack! 

But he didn't stop there - he kept clawing at the grid drain cover until he had dislodged the grid from the drainage hole.  Bit over zealous maybe.  Within a few seconds the water washed the drain cover back into the drainage hole, on its end.  Jack looked at this and then carefully picked the drain cover up in his mouth and carried it 5 feet away where it wouldn't get in the way again.  I wish I'd had my dvd recorder with me!

How was I feeling?  Amazed...and very grateful for the help. This is him checking out the results of his work.  Hounds ARE intelligent!  Looking forward to finding out more about his hidden strengths.  I wonder how he is with a paintbrush......!



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