Leo Connects….

The other day I was having a regular call with a friend of mine who is involved in the same line of work as me, but based in Belgium.  We first met on the Internet and enjoy regular chats about our ideas around therapy through our dogs.  It’s great to have an opportunity to share ideas.

On this occasion, as soon as we connected on Skype, I heard a noise that sounded like growling and mentioned it to Karine.

‘Oh that’s Leo’, she said ‘he’s not very well’.

They had visited the vets who had provided some medication, that should have helped, but Leo didn’t seem to be getting any better.  Karine was quite concerned about him. Instead of starting on our usual catch-up, our attention was held by Leo and his snuffling and sharing ideas of how we could help.

I have trained in energy healing, and although I don’t practice, I know how valuable it and other alternative therapies are.  I told Karine about a friend of mine who was a Kinesiologist, based in Perth, Australia.  Did she want me to contact her?  Karine agreed.

I couldn’t remember what the time difference was in Australia, but I messaged Claire then and there, saying I was looking for help with a little French Bulldog, Leo.  Immediately a message came back from Claire

‘Yep sure.  Shall I come online?’

It took us a few minutes to work out how to include someone else in the Skype call, but fortunately Karine knew how to do it and there we were, connecting Scotland, Belgium and Australia!

Karine started to tell Claire about Leo’s health problem and how it had started a few days ago.  Claire had been doing a scan on Leo remotely while we were trying to work out connecting us on Skype (!).  Claire had got some ideas and gave a possible diagnosis.  She then asked Karine to get Leo in front of the camera so that she could see him.  Then she guided Karine on how to work with Leo.  I watched, spellbound.  Claire instructed Karine to hold a couple of acupressure points on Leo’s body.  Then, guided by changes in Leo’s breathing, Claire would tell her when to release.  This they did a couple of times and then moved onto another position.  The whole session couldn’t have lasted more than 15 minutes.  Leo’s breathing had noticeably improved. Claire left the call and Karine and I resumed our catch-up.

It wasn’t until afterwards, when I thought about it, I realised how truly wonderful it had been.  It had been so instantaneous: connecting three like-minded people across opposite ends of the earth, a shared interest in therapy for people and animals.  This connection for the good seemed particularly poignant when I compared it to the extreme difficulties the world seems to be facing right now.

As I was reflecting on the experience a few days later I thought about the little French Bulldog, Leo.  I recalled reading something about Leo and turned back to it

          “Leo is symbolic of the heart and the desires of the heart, and it is in the heart that all things will begin and end”                        

                                                                                                                        ‘Arcadia – Studies in Ancient Wisdom’ by Peter Dawkins

I think I had thought that my involvement in the experience had been to help Leo.  Maybe it was Leo who was helping us.  Truly magical, once again hounds connect!

If you want to know more about Claire or Karine’s work you can find their contact details below

Claire Oats - www.animalenergytherapies.com

Karine Plas www.dogconsult.be

And don’t forget, keep on learning about yourself through your dogs!

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