Introduction to Bi-Aura

A few years ago decided to investigate setting up my own business.  I signed up for a course, to learn all about it – on what? I didn't know?

The first night of the course there was a guest speaker, Sarah Jane, talking about her experience of using Business Gateway to set up her business in complimentary therapies; Bi-Aura.  She was dressed in a white 'clinical' uniform, a bit like a 'clinique cosmetics' sales woman.  I wasn't terribly interested in alternative therapies, but as she spoke, I was struck by how her personal story related to my current situation.  She had been motivated to set up her own business by a restructure in her place of work, where she had been disappointed  about the outcome to her personally.  She was also talking about the body's bio-energy fields, a subject that I had recently been reading about.

At the end of her talk she handed out her marketing material.  The reading list she referenced in her leaflets were of books that I had read in the last few years and that had resonated with me – in particular Louise McTaggart, “The Field” .  They also mentioned her work in communicating with animals.

I wanted to learn more – not only was she describing her own personal journey which mirrored mine, she was also talking about communicating with animals, at a time when I had a young dog who had just lost his litter-mate and was worrying about his mental state.  So I contacted her.

A standard Bi-Aura treatment takes 4 sessions. When I turned up for my first session I did not know what to expect. I received a warm welcome from Sarah Jane who started with an interview on why I had come to her, a general case-history and a discussion about what outcomes I was looking for.  After she had made her notes she asked me to take my shoes off, and stand in the middle of the room with my eyes closed.

Each session lasts about an hour, partly standing and partly sitting or lying down, with eyes closed, while the therapist tunes into your aura, or bio-energy field, to scan for and correct imbalances.  A better description can be found at the Bi-Aura web-site

I have to admit I felt very self-conscious, standing there, not knowing what exactly was happening, aware of a 'wooshing' noise as Sarah Jane ( I later learned) was 'waving' her arms around my energy field, scanning for imbalances. I distinctly remember thinking, if friends and family could see me now they would think I had flipped my lid.  I wasn't sure what to make of the first session but found it very relaxing.

It was at the second session, when I was lying down on the massage table, again with eyes closed, that I felt my right leg spontaneously and gently stretch out as if it was growing several inches in length.  After a few minutes it seemed to relax back again.  Weird!  When Sarah Jane gave me feedback after the session she explained that she had been drawn to work at my right hip, from the energy imbalances she had picked up.  This was surprising.  I had gone to Sarah Jane with help for anxiety relating to my current situation in life.  I had never even considered, or mentioned to her, the chronic ache in my hip that had developed over the last few months, due, I believed, to a long daily commute.  But after that session, although I have continued with the commute over the last 4 years, the ache has never come back. I continued the sessions with Sarah Jane and had a great improvement in my mental outlook as well.  

Working with Sarah Jane made me interested in learning more about Bi-Aura, so when an introductory Bi-Aura workshop came up in Edinburgh I booked up.

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