Learning about Dowsing

Just finished reading a book by Elizabeth Brown on dowsing 'Dowsing, the ultimate guide for the 21st century'. I bought it a while a go and would thoroughly recommend it as a good practical guide to this fascinating subject. There were loads of connections for me in the book to practical lessons in life as well the information about dowsing itself.

One quote resonated totally with me "It simply doesn't matter if you find your own way forward, your own unique method. But never, ever be stymied or stifled by other's teaching methods or have ideas forced upon you that go contrary to your own intuition" followed by a section on 'Focus is key'. Elizabeth was referring to dowsing but this resonated deeply with me when applied to my dog training journey over the years and currently with my drawing together of Natural Dog Training teachings and the desire to train my labrador in gun dog work.

And it was a good read and made me more interested in learning about dowsing.

Yesterday I received the annual conference information from the Bi-Aura foundation that takes place in October, which is to include a workshop by Elizabeth Brown on Dowsing! Coincidence or design - who cares, I'm going!

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