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What’s at the root of your overwhelm?

Overwhelm – how it can creep up on us Reading the latest Psychologies Magazine (December 2018), I was drawn to the self-analysis quiz – ‘What’s the Root Cause of your Overwhelm?’  Answering the multiple choice questions I found I scored highest on ‘Perfectionism’. Reading through the other 3 categories I could just have easily identified…

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Happy Samhain

How has the year panned out for you so far? I’m starting to follow age-old advice to pay more attention to the seasons of the year.  Working for myself I find the structure helps.  More importantly, I am aligning to natural energies, by doing so, which seems to make sense to me.  The seasons seem…

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I have taken on a 30 day blogging challenge!  Encouraged by one of my friends, Susan who’s  a coach, and a book by Nikki Pilkington 30 Day Blogging Challenge. This is day 1, on ‘happiness’. ‘Happiness levels of girls and young women have dropped drastically in a decade, new research reveals’ is the headline of an article by…

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Best-laid Schemes

So I had my Easter weekend all planned out.  And you know what they say about best-laid schemes. This last month I have been focusing on training with Archie, my working lab, and noticing, and recording, my own emotions as I progress.  This is part of the research I am working on. A friend was…


A Tribute to Jill’s Pet Sheep

   Over the last few years I have ‘baby sat’ a pet sheep for a friend of mine.  The sheep doesn’t have a name although he is often referred to as the ‘old yin’.  When I first met him a couple of years ago, he was around 12 or 13 years old. This summer, I took…


The oyster catcher (aka a plan for life )

A few years ago I was driving home from work and noticed an oyster catcher nesting.  I thought this was amazing because it was nesting in a really weird place – in the central reservation of a motorway at the junction of a busy roundabout, in full view of anyone driving past.  What was even…


Rethink on the hounds’ training

Logan taking for the hillsWell, I was making great progress with NDT and wanted to tell everyone about it.  Then losing each of the hounds in the space of a week stopped me in my tracks.  I’ve always thought it was extremely important to share experiences with other people, including ‘lessons learned’.  I am constantly…

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