My dog as my therapist

Posts where my dogs have taught me something about myself

My dog as my therapist

Feature article about Anubis Therapy in Psychologies Magazine

  in a previous blog post I wrote about the difficulty of being a pioneer.   I mentioned a feature article coming up in Psychologies Magazine.   I had been invited to give Suzy Walker, editor-in-chief of  the magazine, an Anubis session with her canine companion Oscar.  The resulting article has just been published this month.  The…

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If only he could talk….Feature article from Psychologies Magazine

A new theory suggests that a dog’s behaviour reflects its owner’s emotional state.  Editor-in-Chief Suzy Walker tries to decode pet Oscar’s conduct to learn more about herself. Oscar, my cute cocker spaniel is barking and scratching to be let into my boss’ office, where I’m having a meeting. I am very lucky that the company…

My dog as my therapist

Anubis Therapy Pioneer

Problems of Being a Pioneer I am pioneering a new approach for self-development.  With Anubis Therapy I am working with our relationship with our dogs. When you work with me I provide a safe space for you to discuss the problems, feelings, concerns that you have about your dog, or dogs. My approach can lead…

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Dogs and counselling. Are dogs replacing counsellors?

Here’s an interesting coincidence about dogs and counselling which I’m having a little fun with and would love to hear your thoughts on! I have been using Google Trends this week.  Google Trends allows you to look at usage of particular search terms across the internet, and see how they are changing. I decided to…

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Logan’s Death

It is now 2 ½  months since Logan’s death and it has given me some time to think about it more deeply.  We all go through loss in our lives and I think most of us find it difficult.  I wanted to share my experiences, like so many before me.  It helps me and it might connect…

Hounds | My dog as my therapist

Thank you Logan

 Dear LoganThanks for spending time with us.  You taught us many things.  And just so you know we were listening….Fences will NOT be seen as barriers, just challenges for jumping higherIf you have something to say, then make sure everyone can hear it – the trailhound wayIf you’re going to run, put your mind, body…

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