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Through the nose of a hound

Through The Nose Of A Hound Jack stepped forward. As he placed his left pad onto the prickly floor he felt the harsh contrast with the cold, fresh, smooth surface of the street behind him where his back paws still were. Ahead of him the light was bright and dazzling. A blast of warm, stale…

Bereavement | Hounds | My dog as my therapist

Logan’s Death

It is now 2 ½  months since Logan’s death and it has given me some time to think about it more deeply.  We all go through loss in our lives and I think most of us find it difficult.  I wanted to share my experiences, like so many before me.  It helps me and it might connect…

Hounds | My dog as my therapist

Thank you Logan

 Dear LoganThanks for spending time with us.  You taught us many things.  And just so you know we were listening….Fences will NOT be seen as barriers, just challenges for jumping higherIf you have something to say, then make sure everyone can hear it – the trailhound wayIf you’re going to run, put your mind, body…


Hounds are intelligent, Hamiltonstovare unblocks drain

Hounds are intelligent.  Lately I have had the opportunity to spend more time with the dogs, getting to know them better as individuals.  With my knowledge about Natural Dog Training I have been particularily keen to stay aware of my emotions in the interactions, to get a better understanding of how we are influencing each other. …

Hounds | Natural Dog Training

Hounds and Recall

I first started getting interested in dog training 5 years ago when I brought home two hamiltonstovare puppies (Jack & Ben). I was particularly drawn to hounds despite (or maybe because?) of their independent nature. I had been warned by the breeder that the hamiltonstovare was a strong hunter and couldn’t be relied on off…

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