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Labrador, Psychologies Magazine

If only he could talk….Feature article from Psychologies Magazine

Reading Time: 6 minutes
A new theory suggests that a dog’s behaviour reflects its owner’s emotional state.  Editor-in-Chief Suzy Walker tries to decode pet Oscar’s conduct to learn more about herself. Oscar, my cute cocker spaniel is barking and scratching to be let into my boss’ office, where I’m having a meeting. I am very lucky that the company…
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Therapy for dog owners across Scotland with Anubis Therapy

Anubis Therapy Pioneer

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Problems of Being a Pioneer I am pioneering a new approach for self-development.  With Anubis Therapy I am working with our relationship with our dogs. When you work with me I provide a safe space for you to discuss the problems, feelings, concerns that you have about your dog, or dogs. My approach can lead…
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sheep's face

Sheep Worrying

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Sheep Worrying on the Increase The BBC recently reported that “the number of dog attacks on sheep in [in Scotland] has risen by 67% in two years, according to the latest rural crime figures (Dog owners warned ‘no excuse’ for sheep worrying) It’s a harrowing subject. Sheep mauled and injured, dogs shot or destroyed, criminal…
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