My dog as my therapist

Your emotions your dog

  Your emotions your dog Your emotions, your dog – what do I mean? The work I am doing with my dogs is all about observing their behaviour and tuning into my feelings and emotions at the time.  From that I try to understand how the two things might be connected.  This helps me build…

My dog as my therapist

Why does a dog chew what it chews?

Why does a dog chew what it chews? It never really occurred to me that there was any ‘reason’ in what a dog chose to chew.  If I coe home and find that something in the house is destroyed I have just considered it an indication that they need to get out more.  In other words…

My dog as my therapist

Your Dog and Your Emotions

 ‘…….our dog is our canary in the mineshaft of emotion.’                                                                            from Kevin Behan, Your Dog Is Your MirrorI first started to notice the effect of my emotions on my dogs with my hamiltonstovare, Jack.  It started when I was driving. I used to be quite nervous when I was overtaking.   Jack would be curled up on the…


A Tribute to Jill’s Pet Sheep

   Over the last few years I have ‘baby sat’ a pet sheep for a friend of mine.  The sheep doesn’t have a name although he is often referred to as the ‘old yin’.  When I first met him a couple of years ago, he was around 12 or 13 years old. This summer, I took…

My dog as my therapist

Your dog as your guide

Over the last few months I have been going very much with the flow, as far as the dogs are concerned, but also with life.  I want to start a new business around people and their dogs, using the concept of your dog as  your guide, starting with my learning’s as the material.  There is a…


Hounds are intelligent, Hamiltonstovare unblocks drain

Hounds are intelligent.  Lately I have had the opportunity to spend more time with the dogs, getting to know them better as individuals.  With my knowledge about Natural Dog Training I have been particularily keen to stay aware of my emotions in the interactions, to get a better understanding of how we are influencing each other. …


The oyster catcher (aka a plan for life )

A few years ago I was driving home from work and noticed an oyster catcher nesting.  I thought this was amazing because it was nesting in a really weird place – in the central reservation of a motorway at the junction of a busy roundabout, in full view of anyone driving past.  What was even…

Natural Dog Training Experiences

A dog can’t remember yet it never forgets

“The difference between a mental and physical memory is that while the mental memory is remembered, often erronoeously, physical memory is relived, and the body  is never wrong about the past……. …a dog can’t remember yet it never forgets”  ….’Your Dog is Your Mirror’,  Kevin Behan I have  to admit that I struggled to understand this concept when…

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