Animal Communication

Talk To Your Dog

I got a book out the library recently which I think others would enjoy.  Looking for ideas to stimulate my own writing,  I found Talk to Your Dog, How to Communicate with Your Pet by Susie Green, first published in 2005. I’m not sure the title is an accurate description of the contents but I…

mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week and our dogs

Mental Health Awareness Week This week, in the UK, is Mental Health Awareness week. According to the Mental Health Foundation the week is about about raising awareness of mental health and mental health problems and inspiring action to promote the message of good mental health for all. This year the focus for the week is…

Labrador retrievers | Reflections

Best-laid Schemes

So I had my Easter weekend all planned out.  And you know what they say about best-laid schemes. This last month I have been focusing on training with Archie, my working lab, and noticing, and recording, my own emotions as I progress.  This is part of the research I am working on. A friend was…

Complimentary therapies

Leo Connects….

The other day I was having a regular call with a friend of mine who is involved in the same line of work as me, but based in Belgium.  We first met on the Internet and enjoy regular chats about our ideas around therapy through our dogs.  It’s great to have an opportunity to share…

Bereavement | Hounds | My dog as my therapist

Logan’s Death

It is now 2 ½  months since Logan’s death and it has given me some time to think about it more deeply.  We all go through loss in our lives and I think most of us find it difficult.  I wanted to share my experiences, like so many before me.  It helps me and it might connect…

Hounds | My dog as my therapist

Thank you Logan

 Dear LoganThanks for spending time with us.  You taught us many things.  And just so you know we were listening….Fences will NOT be seen as barriers, just challenges for jumping higherIf you have something to say, then make sure everyone can hear it – the trailhound wayIf you’re going to run, put your mind, body…

Coincidences | Labrador retrievers

Help on Labrador Sit-stay Training

I have decided to get more focused on my dog training. I had attended a positive gun-dog training conference recently which re-fired my interest. So Archie and I went for a couple of days training away from home with a well-known gun-dog trainer. We’re not used to being around a lot of people and dogs,…

My dog as my therapist

DogFest North

 What a weekend!  Last weekend Hounds Connect were at DogFest North, a cornucopia of dog experiences for you and your dog.  It was based in the beautiful grounds of Arley Hall in Cheshire. It’s the first time I’ve had a stand at an event like this and I’m really glad I went. Friday was set-up day. It started…

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