Sheep Worrying

Sheep Worrying on the Increase The BBC recently reported that “the number of dog attacks on sheep in [in Scotland] has risen by 67% in two years, according to the latest rural crime figures (Dog owners warned ‘no excuse’ for sheep worrying) It’s a harrowing subject. Sheep mauled and injured, dogs shot or destroyed, criminal…


Getting In Touch With Your True Life Purpose

“Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind” Leonardo Da Vinci, The notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci Something Missing? What is your true life purpose? Do you ever think that something is missing in your life? Perhaps you find yourself thinking,…

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Feelings about Christmas

  Greetings to you on Christmas Day 2018. Writing this post is a bit of spur of a moment thing for me. I don’t really know how it’s going to end up. If you have found it, welcome. I wonder how you are doing. Christmas is an exciting, fun and loving time for a lot…

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Mining those emotions and feelings

My Labrador Archie woke me up again last night. He wanted to go out to the toilet. I tried to ignore it for a long time because I didn’t want to get up. Eventually I relented and let him out. It was my fault, I had given him chicken the night before, accidentally switching his…

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What’s at the root of your overwhelm?

Overwhelm – how it can creep up on us Reading the latest Psychologies Magazine (December 2018), I was drawn to the self-analysis quiz – ‘What’s the Root Cause of your Overwhelm?’  Answering the multiple choice questions I found I scored highest on ‘Perfectionism’. Reading through the other 3 categories I could just have easily identified…

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Happy Samhain

How has the year panned out for you so far? I’m starting to follow age-old advice to pay more attention to the seasons of the year.  Working for myself I find the structure helps.  More importantly, I am aligning to natural energies, by doing so, which seems to make sense to me.  The seasons seem…

mental health | My dog as my therapist

Dogs and counselling. Are dogs replacing counsellors?

Here’s an interesting coincidence about dogs and counselling which I’m having a little fun with and would love to hear your thoughts on! I have been using Google Trends this week.  Google Trends allows you to look at usage of particular search terms across the internet, and see how they are changing. I decided to…

mental health | Reflections


I have taken on a 30 day blogging challenge!  Encouraged by one of my friends, Susan who’s  a coach, and a book by Nikki Pilkington 30 Day Blogging Challenge. This is day 1, on ‘happiness’. ‘Happiness levels of girls and young women have dropped drastically in a decade, new research reveals’ is the headline of an article by…

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