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Reading signs in nature

Great Tit

An unexpected visitor2 parakeet statue

Today I discovered a Great Tit in the kitchen when I got up. I had heard Jack banging about the kitchen and wondered what was going on.  I decided to let it get out itself and left the door and windows open while I went to do some exercises in the garden.  As I ‘lifted the sky’ and ‘carried the moon’ I was aware of a robin sitting close by, perched on the washing pole.  Another small bird was sitting on the roof of my house. I felt that they were waiting for their friend to come back out.

When I went back into the kitchen there was no sign of the bird. I thought she had let herself out. Hearing a noise from the living room, I realised she was still there.  Entering the room, I closed the door behind me and opened the windows. Any approach had her flapping, so I just sat. She rested for a while on the back of an armchair. She moved to sit on a statue of two birds I have on the mantelpiece. I wished I’d had my phone with me to take a picture!  Then she flew out of the open window, leaving me to wonder about the encounter and what message it had for me.

The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature

Birds are considered divine messengers, because they move between the earth and heavens. Birds are linked to the air and just now we are in the beginning of the summer season, associated with the air element and thought.  A quote from from one of my books:

“To keep the symbols in order, Pueblo ornithology must study and relate to the birds themselves, but the system is not primarily designed to make sense of an outer world, because the natural world is presumed to be the sense. The order and perfection of nature may therefore be drawn into less stable society, where it will impart meaning to transitory human affairs”

(Tyler Hamilton Pueblo Birds and Myths (Flagstaff, AZ:Northland Publishing, 1991), reproduced in Ted Andrews’ Animal-Wise, The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature (Dragonhawk Publishing, 1999))

In his books Ted Andrews teaches us to look at the characteristics of the bird to understand what the symbolism means to us. The Great Tit is blue and yellow, with a black cap.

"Anything associated with the head has applications to the thinking process, higher mind and higher perceptions. Black is associated with mystery, the feminine and the great womb of life"

(Ted Andrews, Animal Speak, The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, Llewelyn publications 1993).

The Great Tit colours are yellow and blue.

Colour as the Language of Consciousness

Yellow is the colour of the 3rd solar plexus, chakra and blue is the colour of the 5th or throat chakra. When combined blue and yellow form green, the colour of the 4th, Heart chakra.

In Aura-Soma, a holistic soul therapy which works with colour combinations to harmonise body mind and soul, https://www.aura-soma.com/Content/Equilibrium , the combination of blue and yellow is called Anubis, and is designated the number 8.  The aura-soma keynotes for this colour combination are:

"Wisdom through inner communications. Shakes to Green. The heart sets the rhythm for our Being. Wisdom in the Yellow and Peace in the Blue. Listening to your heart to communicate your truth. A heart chakra bottle because it shakes to Green. The heart of this colour combination is the heart listening to inner wisdom. A fear to communicate who you are. Speaking your truth. The double serpents circle. The mystery of love.”

Carol Klesow, AuraJin, Recognising Spirit in Matter, Aura-Soma Products Ltd 2001

Anubis Therapy is the name of the ‘counselling for dog owners’ therapy that I have developed, because it helps us balance at our heart centre. Anubis is the gatekeeper to the 4th level of enlightenment, at the heart chakra. That’s why I use the colour green and my logo is a heart shape. I had chosen the name before I knew about the Aura-Soma combination, also called Anubis

So I am excited about what this visitor is showing me.

Further confirmation

guiseppe armani statue of two parakeetsI love that my visiting tit had sat on the statue of two parakeets. It somehow seemed apt.  I had been meaning to paint them green, with red beaks, but hadn’t got round to it.  Now I was interested to see if I can find out more about the figure.

A google search on ‘2 parakeet statues’ brings up images of a Giuseppe Armani statue of two parakeets that my bronze is clearly an imitation of. As you can see from the image, they were painted yellow and blue.  I couldn’t find any versions in green on the Internet.

My Interpretation

So I am left with the feeling that I am on the right track with the work I am doing. I am reminded once more that truth is stranger than fiction and there are always messages for me, if I take time to consider them. Wisdom through inner communications and encouragement to speak my truth.

“The order and perfection of nature may therefore be drawn into less stable society, where it will impart meaning to transitory human affairs”

And I think I'll paint my parakeets yellow and blue as well.

Below is a video about Great Tits, with some more information about them

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