Apples, labradors and the quest for knowledge

It’s that time of year.  If you have an apple tree you will be wondering what to do with all those apples!

I have an apple tree and I have been trying to stop the dogs eating all the apples.  It’s not because I begrudge them the odd apple or ten, you understand.  I think they’re probably healthy. Its just that I am wary of the consequences at the other end, if you get my meaning.

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a post from one of my favourite thought-provoking blogs, Spirit of the Scripture’  by Joshua Tilghman. It was a post explaining the spiritual meaning of Adam and Eve and the apple in the Garden of Eden. I can’t remember which post it was (maybe this one). I enjoyed it and found it helpful.

I wouldn’t describe myself as religious. I did go to a school that focussed on Christian teachings.  As a little girl growing up I was troubled by the suggestion that can be inferred from the Adam and Eve story. At some level it seemed to suggest that it was ‘us girls’ that caused all the problems. It was the women who caused humankind’s ‘fall from grace’.  Even now it causes me some discomfort at a deep psychological level.

Josh’s posts can explain it much better than me but the gist is that the eating of the apple represents searching for knowledge. It was a necessary part of mans evolution; necessary and to be applauded.  So phew, that feels better!

Shortly after reading the post I was sitting in the garden under my own apple tree.  I wanted the dogs to sit quietly.  Archie was getting fixated on the apples on the tree.  I think he thought they were tennis balls. I was getting irritated. “Just stop trying to nick my apples, Archie, there’s a good boy!” I snapped.  The moment the words were out of my mouth I realised, how apt, and laughed.  Here was my Labrador trying to discover something new, getting a bite out of an apple,and I was intent on making him behave! I was very amused at the reminder.  How often am I trying to get my dogs, and myself, to do what we ‘should do’ and forgetting to explore the wonder of the world and living this life.

I was reminded again today as I came across a post about harvesting apples. Here’s Archie, and Jack, helping further my knowledge.

Archie and the apple tree

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