…..everything is connected to everything else

“Learn how to see.  Realize that everything connects to everything else”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Yesterday, in London, UK, there was an anti-BSL peaceful protest being held.  BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. The picture below was from the twitter feed publicising the event

It was just after that I noticed a picture on facebook from a rescue centre in the US asking for adopters for a pit bull facing euthanasia.

The way I see it, a lot of us humans are struggling to make sense of the world.  I don’t just mean in regards to the life of dogs, but our lives in totality: problems in ourselves; our work; our family  life; making sense of issues that we see around us.  We wonder about how to be happy, how to put things right, how to make others happy. How to be.  Many of us are so used to just pushing through the activity of daily living that we have lost the ability to truly feel. We might be so cut off from our own feelings that don’t even realise that we are not feeling.. 

On the whole, I see society has down-graded the importance of how we feel.  End-goals are more important. Success and finance are more important.  Looks are more important.  Actually, as I think about it, feeling ‘good’ is considered important.   But when you feel down, or angry, or upset, (I’ll call these ‘bad’ feelings), these you are encouraged to keep to yourself, or, at most, confine them to meetings with your doctor or therapist.  

We learn as children to control our emotions.    We might learn to do this effectively.  We might also learn ways that aren’t always helpful, like ignoring our feelings.  I believe we learn to suppress feelings because at some level the feelings made us feel uncomfortable and we don’t like to feel uncomfortable! So along the way, encouraged by society, and learning from our own life experiences we learn how to ‘NOT feel’. 

The world IS connected.  We are all energy and we all impact on each other.  Dogs, in particular, can align well to the energy of humans, they are STRONG enough to live alongside us. That’s why they are so popular as a pet, why they are so successful in working with us. 

In our relationship with a dog we we may feel able to connect emotionally in a way we don’t feel free to with other human beings.  In the this way they allow us to feel again. 

Additionally our dogs are connected to us energetically, so THEY respond to how WE feel, whether we want them to or not.  They can’t help it. If we’re nervous while driving the car, they will be pick up on that nervousness sitting beside us in the car.  If we are angry they will respond to that anger in us.  So if we are holding onto feelings that we have suppressed, that we aren’t consciously aware of, we aren’t suppressing them from our dog.  They will still feel them.  They truly represent a key to our unconscious.

So,  when I stand back and look at the Breed-Specific Legislation and the plight of dogs in rescue centres I see it as symbolic of a bigger picture for all of us.

Consider our dogs as a representation, or an extension, of our own (the human race) true emotions and feelings.

In the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), we could view that as  society actively suppressing and legislating against,  specific true feelings and emotions of our own.  Breed specific legislation could be changed ‘bad-feeling’ specific legislation if you like J.

Interestingly, the anti-BSL protestors are protesting against this legislation peacefully.  In other words, in a way that is deemed ‘reasonable’, fitting in with what is acceptable for our society.

If we look at the plight of large numbers of dogs in rescue centres, we could also view that as the representative of society abandoning or killing our true emotions and feelings, the ones that make us feel uncomfortable, those ‘BAD feelings’

That’s what I see and it gives me food for thought.

Its all about balance and harmony.  We would all benefit from recognising if we are getting detached from out true feelings and take measures to address, for the good of our health, our sanity, those around us and the good of the world.  The situation with Breed specific legislation and animal rescue centres in our society is not just about our dogs (and other animals).  It is about human beings living in balance and harmony, with their animals, with each other and with themselves.  

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