'Pushing' with Jack (photo courtesy of Ruralshots)
'Pushing' with Jack (photo courtesy of Ruralshots)


Therapy for Dog Owners

This is a list of my principles.  These principles, or assumptions, underpin my therapeutic approach.  They will be of interest if  you are considering working with Anubis Therapy, my therapy for dog-owners

  • Our dog can to help us in our personal development/spiritual growth
  • We communicate with our dogs through emotion
  • Our dogs can be more aware of our emotion and feelings than we are.
  • Because dogs are social by nature and connect to us emotionally (energetically) they reflect our own stuck emotions.
  • The dog(s) we have in our lives reflect the work for us to follow on our path and our healing (for example the breed, temperament, behaviours and issues)
  • Working in the areas that our dog brings up for us will lead us to fulfilling a richer relationship with our dogs and ourselves, leading to a more 'aware' life
  • The method of dog training that will work for you is the one that most closely fits your beliefs and values
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