Talk To Your Dog

I got a book out the library recently which I think others would enjoy.  Looking for ideas to stimulate my own writing,  I found Talk to Your Dog, How to Communicate with Your Pet by Susie Green, first published in 2005.

I'm not sure the title is an accurate description of the contents but I loved the mix of subjects that Susie covers.  For me it had a really good range of topics to picque  curiosity and encourage you to find out more.  The origins of the dog is fairly standard, I suppose, followed by straightforward information on various breeds.  The book shows its age a bit, since there is no mention of cockerpoos or labradoodles.  But even if your dog is one of these newer breeds I'm sure you will still get a lot out of the book.

Susie gives you ideas about how to understand your dog, and an introduction to things like body language and dogs' subtle senses.  There's a chapter with practical information on how to use massage and Ttouch with your dog. There are also references to more in depth publications on those subjects.  She is clearly not writing as a dog trainer or a behaviourist, but as a dog lover.  'Talk to your dog' references Rupert Sheldrake's work on telepathic nature of dogs.  It also mentions other work in this field, with references provided for further study.

The writing is straightforward, with interesting anecdotes and simple drawings throughout.  Talk to Your Dog includes activities that you can try out with your dog: is your dog telepathic?; is your dog self-aware? Is your dog a music lover?

And as creator of Anubis Therapy, self-development through your dog, I really appreciated the final chapter of Talk to Your Dog.  The heading of chapter 7 is 'How your dog helps and heals you'.   Anubis himself even gets a mention.

If you get a chance to check the book out yourself, let me know what you think 🙂

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