I have loved dogs since an early age.  We had dogs in my family as a child and I brought dogs back into my life when I had a family of my own.

Sometimes I find live difficult.  Those times I have come to recognise as my blessings in disguise.

I am NOT a natural dog trainer, despite wanting to 'do everything right'!  In my search for being a good dog trainer, though, I learn a lot about myself from my dogs. As I learn more about myself, my relationship with my dogs becomes more balanced and harmonious.

My personal philosophy

I believe learning about ourselves is the most important work that we can do while we're here.   When I feel uncomfortable, in any given moment, or in any period of my life, there is something important for me to learn.  At first I might try and ignore it, because that can seem the easier route to take.  But the more often we face our challenges, the more we become a better version of ourselves.

I see the relationship between humans and dogs as evolving. As the human race is evolving we are getting more aware of our heart-based inter-connectedness.  The great masters from history and the many indigenous peoples throughout the world have taught this evolution. We can also find this view supported by western science.  It seems to me that as humans are evolving to be more heart-based, our dogs are evolving to support us in this.

I have brought my ideas, training and experience together and launched my business Hounds Connect, creating and delivering Anubis Therapy, working with the emotional connection between people and their dogs.

My Training

My journey has taken me along a few paths of enquiry, my main qualifications and training are listed below


  • ­Counselling Skills Certificate COSCA`
  • NLP Practitioner INLPTA 
  • Diploma in Bi-Aura (Energy Healing Therapy)
  • M.Sc. Information Technology


  • Intercellular Linking Awareness 
  • Natural Dog Training (with Kevin Behan) 
  • Fears and Phobias in dogs, Nina Bodarenko BA 
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy 
  • DNA I & II Theta Healing training 
  • Mentoring and coaching training NHS 

My personal dog therapists

My personal therapists are Jack (hamiltonstovare), Logan (trailhound - now in spirit) and Archie (Labrador retriever). We are learning together - although I think I have more to learn than they do.


  1. Dear Joanne,
    Elizabeth Brown recently passed on your message regarding her Dowsing book — as I am her editor and agent — AND I am a huge dog lover as well. As the book was nearing completion, I suggested she might like to write a whole section on dowsing with/for animals, as I believe the very same knowledge and information can be gleaned on everything from preferred foods and optimal sleeping positions to health issues which cannot be described — all natural ground for dowsing, leading to happier, healthier animal friends. In the end, though, we had to go to press.
    However, I am delighted you are going to the October workshop, and perhaps you can add your vote to my plea that she address it in a future book. Meantime, I can promise you will have a wonderful time, and learn a great deal. I helped Elizabeth with a similar workshop in Greenwich in May, and it was a resounding success!
    I love the work you are doing, I think Jack, Archie and Logan are all beautiful souls, and I share your passion for dogs — as you will see if you have a quick look at my website — where my lurcher Bella (greyhound/Scottish deerhound cross) is featured. Before Bella I had a border collie Kirrie for 16 years, and a beagle named Sparkle for 15 years before her — so I know about the hounds!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to be in touch with Elizabeth, as it is very meaningful to any first-time author to receive positive feedback after all of the focus required to bring it to life, and I happen to believe she has done a masterful job. For my part, I can honestly say it was a dream of a collaboration.
    Warmest wishes,
    Kathy Sorley

    1. Hi Kathy
      thanks for getting in touch, love your website and the stuff you are involved in, and Bella is beautiful! I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s book so hats off to both of you. Interested in your ideas about dowsing for animals health and will check it out. Kind regards

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