Just like you probably, I am someone who has loved dogs since an early age.  I had dogs in my family as a child and brought dogs back into my life when I had a family of my own.

I have had, and will continue to have, periods in my life when things are difficult.  Those times I have come to recognise as my blessings in disguise.  These are the times when I am forced to take a good hard look at myself.

I am NOT a natural dog trainer, despite wanting to 'do everything right'!  In my search for being a good dog trainer, though, I have realised that I learn a lot about myself from my dogs. And as I learn more about myself, my relationship with my dogs becomes more balanced and harmonious.

I believe learning about ourselves is the most important work that we can do while we're here.  It's the real reason we ARE here.  I have learnt that when we feel uncomfortable, in any given moment, or in any period of our life, there is something important for us to learn.  But that is not an easy route to take.

My personal struggles led me to focus on the emotional part of the human-dog relationship, to better understand how we can use it learn about ourselves.  I trained in counselling.  I trained in energy therapy.  In time I brought my ideas, training and experience together and launched my business Hounds Connect, creating and delivering Anubis Therapy, working with the emotional connection between people and their dogs.

I see the relationship between humans and dogs as evolving. As the human race is evolving we are getting more aware of our heart-based inter-connectedness.  The great masters from history and the many indigenous peoples throughout the world have taught this. We can also find this view supported by western science.  It seems to me that as humans are evolving to be more heart-based, our dogs are evolving to support us in this.

I continually work to better understand my emotional link with my dogs.  This includes my 'in-the-moment' feelings and the deeper opportunities for healing that it brings up for me.  I believe that this is the role our dogs are here to help us with and the more 'problems' that we have with our dogs, the bigger the opportunity is to learn from them about ourselves.

My personal therapists are Jack (hamiltonstovare), Logan (trailhound - now in spirit) and Archie (Labrador retriever). We are learning together - although I think I have more to learn than they do.

Anubis therapy with a labrador retriever