1. Dear Joanne,
    Elizabeth Brown recently passed on your message regarding her Dowsing book — as I am her editor and agent — AND I am a huge dog lover as well. As the book was nearing completion, I suggested she might like to write a whole section on dowsing with/for animals, as I believe the very same knowledge and information can be gleaned on everything from preferred foods and optimal sleeping positions to health issues which cannot be described — all natural ground for dowsing, leading to happier, healthier animal friends. In the end, though, we had to go to press.
    However, I am delighted you are going to the October workshop, and perhaps you can add your vote to my plea that she address it in a future book. Meantime, I can promise you will have a wonderful time, and learn a great deal. I helped Elizabeth with a similar workshop in Greenwich in May, and it was a resounding success!
    I love the work you are doing, I think Jack, Archie and Logan are all beautiful souls, and I share your passion for dogs — as you will see if you have a quick look at my website http://www.kathysorley.com — where my lurcher Bella (greyhound/Scottish deerhound cross) is featured. Before Bella I had a border collie Kirrie for 16 years, and a beagle named Sparkle for 15 years before her — so I know about the hounds!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to be in touch with Elizabeth, as it is very meaningful to any first-time author to receive positive feedback after all of the focus required to bring it to life, and I happen to believe she has done a masterful job. For my part, I can honestly say it was a dream of a collaboration.
    Warmest wishes,
    Kathy Sorley

    1. Hi Kathy
      thanks for getting in touch, love your website and the stuff you are involved in, and Bella is beautiful! I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s book so hats off to both of you. Interested in your ideas about dowsing for animals health and will check it out. Kind regards

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